Resident Involvement

At Fold we believe that it is important to ensure our tenants and residents are at the heart of our business. Good tenant involvement can bring benefits not also to our tenants but also to the organisation to develop policies and services to meet the needs and aspirations of our tenants and residents.
FOLD has adopted 9 key principles of resident involvement:

  • 1. Promote mutual respect between tenants, residents and Fold staff;
  • 2. Share information, ideas and power;
  • 3. Setting the agenda together;
  • 4. Be open and accountable in decision making;
  • 5. Allow time for full consideration;
  • 6. Recognition for tenant organisations;
  • 7. Create good working relationships;
  • 8. Provide resources for tenant and resident groups;
  • 9. Including people by ensuring we meet requirements of equality legislation.

How tenants and residents can get involved....

 Area Panel.

This panel provides a platform for tenants to discuss the delivery of services with tenants and Fold staff in the same management area. The panel meets quarterly for two hours to discuss strategic housing issues in their housing management area. These meetings take place in various locations..

 Maintenance Consumer Panel.

This panel provides a platform for tenants and Folds maintenance team to get together to discuss performance and share ideas on how to improve the service received by tenants. The panel meets quarterly for two hours in Fold House, Holywood.

Gardening Panel.

This panel of tenants and Fold Maintenance staff meet to review the quality and delivery of the gardening contract at Folds Sheltered Accommodation with Fold staff. The panel meets quarterly for two hours in Fold House, Holywood..

 Literature & Policy Review Group.

This group meets to review all tenant communications e.g. Tenants Handbook, Fold Website, Tenants Newsletters etc..

 Readers Panel.

This panel is for those tenants who would like to get involved, contribute and be consulted on the above panels without having to travel to meetings. They are kept updated on when meetings are held, minutes and provided with an opportunity to have ant topics/issues raised on their behalf..

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information:.

contact us on 02890 428 314.

write to us at Get Involved, Fold Housing Association, FREEPOST BEL4018, BT18 9BR.


 email us at .