Resident Involvement

FOLD Housing Association is committed to providing opportunities for Resident Involvement in different aspects of our service delivery and community development. We actively promote and support resident participation to assist us enhance our services and build sustainable communities.
We aim to continuously improve upon the quality of the service and our delivery in a way which responds to our customer’s needs and aspirations. FOLD has adopted 7 key principles of resident involvement:

  • To recognise that different  people want different things;
  • To make sure we do things in the way that best suits the residents;
  • To be responsive;
  • To be accountable;
  • To be honest and realistic;
  • To listen, learn and improve continuously, and
  • Not to forget that small things matter.

To achieve this, our Resident Involvement Strategy has a number of strands to encourage and enable greater participation by residents. These range from individual one to one contact and scheme resident meetings through to specialist Focus Group involvement culminating annually with Regional Residents Forum meetings.

We encourage residents participation through:

  • Individual consultation with residents;
  • Scheme based meetings and consultations;
  • Focus Groups ;
  • Annual Residents Forum;
  • Residents’ satisfaction survey, etc.

 Residents Association Meetings

These are set up and run by residents to represent the views of people who want to make their homes and surrounding areas better places to live in. The residents association will meet regularly to discuss issues and ideas to decide what action should be taken and to organise activities. Residents Association protects the interests of all residents and works towards improvements in their areas.
Many of our residents already belong to a resident association but we always want more people to become involved. Associations can help find ways of solving problems, can suggest improvements and ensure that the resident’s voice is heard. 

Residents Forums

The aim of the Residents Forums is to promote the welfare of FOLD Housing Association residents and improve the delivery of housing services. Each scheme can nominate 2 representatives to attend the Annual Residents Forum.

Resident Board Members

FOLD has three resident representatives on its Board of Management. These representatives usually serve a three year term of office and this ensures that the interests of our residents are always considered.

How to Get Involved

If you would like more information on how to become involved and how to set up a Residents Association, please contact your Housing Officer.


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