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New DevelopmentsFOLD continues to build on its success, through an ambitious annual development plan. In 2012/13 construction commenced on an additional 296 new homes throughout Northern Ireland. Our emphasis this year has been on the building envelope ensuring that we develop high quality, fuel efficient, affordable homes. The new developments include the final phase of the Skeoge development in Derry, the second phase of the redevelopment of that Lawnbrook area of the Shankill in Belfast as well as the first phase of refurbishment at the Village, Belfast.

Our development ethos enables Fold to create communities which are sustainable and that contribute positively to the existing communities. Fold has a total of 497 units on site at present throughout Northern Ireland, 265 of which will complete in 2013/14. The projects currently on site are detailed below: 

Homes Under Construction 

Name of Scheme No of Units Estimated Completion
Village Refurbs, Belfast                        9 units (houses) Final completion TBC                  
162 Ligoniel Road, Belfast (OTS) 4 units (apartments) April 2014 TBC
Pembroke Loop Road, Poleglass 65 units (houses & apartments, including
2 wheelchair friendly apartments)
Skeoge Road Phase 3, Derry 111 units (apartments & houses) Between Oct 13 & Aug 14
Brians Well Road, Poleglass 34 units (apartments & houses) June & July 2014
Finnis Drive, Taughmonagh 15 units (houses) June 2014
Torrens Avenue, Belfast 16 units (houses) September 2014
Lawnbrook Phase 2, Belfast 24 units (houses) September 2014
Village Phase 3, Belfast 27 units (houses) August 2015
Village Refurbs Phase 2, Belfast 13 units (houses & apartments) January 2015
Crossmaglen Phase 5A

9 units (houses & apartments, including
1 wheelchair bungalow)

March 2015
Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast 86 units (houses & apartments, including
2 wheelchair apartments)
September 2016
Forkhill Phase 2, Forkhill 12 units (houses & apartments, including
1 wheelchair bungalow)
March 2015
St Patricks Barracks Phase 2, Ballymena 2 units (houses) January 2015

Recently completed homes

Scheme Name Number of Units
Beersbridge Road, Belfast          5 units (apartments)
The Village Phase2, Belfast 50 units (houses & apartments, including 4 wheelchair apartments)
Tobar Park, Cullybackey 17 units (houses & apartments)
Ross Street, Belfast 12 units (houses)
Arundel Place/Court, Belfast 8 units (houses)
St Patricks Barracks, Ballymena 47 units (houses)
The Village Phase 1, Belfast

37 units houses & apartments, including 4 wheelchair apartments)

Leasehold Phase 2 [Various locations] 9 units (apartments)
Victoria View, Inverary Drive, Belfast 12 units (apartments)
Peters Court, Newry 8 units (apartments)
Forkhill PSNI 10 units (houses)

 For further information on the above schemes please contact the Development Department at


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