Fold and Helm Merger

13 February 2017

Fold Housing Association and Helm Housing will merge and a new association - with a new name, identity and vision -will come into operation on 3 April, 2017. It will have a significant, positive impact on society, managing more than 12,000 homes, providing services for around 30,000 households and employing close to 1,000 staff.  

The new and improved association will offer enhanced services to those living in Helm Housing and Fold Housing homes. It has ambitious plans to increase social investment, deliver apprenticeship and employment schemes for local communities, and invest in ICT to improve choice and service delivery.

In its first five years the social enterprise is forecast to increase its assets to £1.25bn and its turnover to £110m, whilst investing around £325m in the local construction and contracting industry.

Check back for latest news as we finalise our merger.

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